Volunteering at Limelight

Volunteering offers you a chance to change or even save lives, as well as your own. Whenever you’re going through disappointment, frustration or perhaps seriously overwhelmed by the reports of a catastrophe, volunteering to help out could be a powerful way to handle it. In cases where you’d be interested to help a cause yet can’t afford with your budget to donate funds, you may donate your time and effort instead. 

Volunteering is an important component of life within Australia with 32% of the population aged 18 years and over involved in voluntary work.

Make a Difference

• Who should volunteer
• What do volunteers do
• Client contact
• What are Limelights Key Values

Limelight Statistic

62% of Australians with a mental health issue/disorder go untreated and try to carry on alone.

Limelight Volunteer Form


Who should volunteer

To help decide whether you would like to volunteer, ask yourself the following questions.

Do you want to work with Clients?

Are you interested in working with people that can benefit from your ears?

Do you enjoy working with the young, middle aged and elderly?

Do you enjoy developing relationships?

Are you self motivated?

Are you reliable?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you might be suitable for direct contact with clients

Alternatively you can ask yourself these questions:

Would you still like to work with the Limelight Foundation but not have face to face contact with clients?

Do you enjoy fundraising activities?

Do you enjoy clerical work or have a good typing speed?

Do you enjoy working in a food handling / canteen environment?

Depending upon how you answer these questions will affect the area of volunteer work you might enjoy and would be a good match.

What do volunteers do

The Limelight Foundation values the services provided by volunteers and we are committed to providing a rewarding volunteer experience.

Volunteers are involved in a wide range of activities throughout the Limelight Foundation. These are focused on several main areas, namely, client contact, and fundraising.

Client Contact

The key role of volunteers is to support individuals with issues and improve their quality of life. To this end volunteer services are involved with:

A phone service for people who may need to talk to someone who will listen

Online Friends
A online service for people who may need to talk to someone who will listen, specific areas can also be focused on

Face to Face
Volunteers can be involved with meeting clients face to face, in house at the Limelight Foundation. This would mainly include people walking in off of the street, who are curious about Limelight and how it can help them.

What are Limelight’s Key Values

Fun Lifestyle
Limelight understand every person is an individual, different people have different problems, and many people seek different ways to help them cope or come to terms with the situations they are faced with. Our contributions to every individual benefiting from limelight can begin to live a more healthier and enjoyable lifestyle.

We encourage individuals to act to improve their personal well-being, however Limelight will only function with the discretion and trust of its volunteers and employees. Everyone has trouble in their lives, and sometimes people (young and old), need to talk to someone, Limelight honours that trust.

Future Focus
Our actions will be motivated by our long term goals, while sustaining results which benefit the local and national community. We will be driven by positive results, and future planning, developing new and effective programs to sustain effective and positive services.

It is essential to offer services that impact on the community. Limelight’s service is non-judgemental, and enhances the quality of life for individuals. Continuously updating its programs and services to improve the quality of life for individuals.