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In a recent survey, it was revealed that the aspects most influencing the public impression of organisations were social responsibility at 49%; business fundamentals at 32%; and brand quality at 40%.





Making a difference in the community

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Limelight Statistic

Only one out of every four young persons with mental health problems had received professional health care.

Sponsoring Limelight

Limelight is a not for profit organisation, we cater for all Australians who may find some benefits through our services.

Sponsoring the Limelight Foundation has many benefits, for individuals of the community that use Limelights services, but it also holds great benefits for the reputation of responsible and caring businesses that support our cause.

Limelight will accept any sponsorship a business can give, nothing is too small. If you are a small business and you wish to contribute, please contact the Limelight Foundation and we can see what we can organise.

Help Limelight achieve its goals

Help us achieve our goals, and make a difference Australia wide. The goals limelight have set out to achieve include:

• To raise enough funds to build a respectable and trustworthy home for the limelight foundation, with the required resources to make the organisation successful.

• To develop a confidential service, that provides support, understanding and caring. To offer all means possible including: Counsellors via online support, telephone support and face to face support.

• To see a noticeably reduced figure of yearly suicide rates in Australia.

• To offer services which benefit all walks of life, including young, old, depressed, sad, anxious, suicidal, successful and unsuccessful individuals.

• To obtain a Limelight base in each state and territory, to offer these services to all Australians.

• To provide enough funds to other organisations to increase the research on depression and related issues.

• To provide and maintain a fun and positive attitude in the organisation.

• To make a difference.

Help us achieve our goals, use the online form provided or alternatively contact the foundation directly.