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Limelight Online Chat Services

Limelight Foundation is aiming to reach all Australians may it be in rural or metropolitan areas and offer a confidential service, that provides support, understanding and care. These services allow Limelight Foundation visible and stronger online presence to reach out to people who needs help.

Limelight has developed two online confidential services that offer support in rural and metropolitan areas. If you wish to know more about these services. Please read our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy.


Online Chat

Select this service if you wish to chat confidentially and one on one with a limelight staff member now. 

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Email Chat

Select this service if you wish to email confidentially a limelight staff member. 

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About these services

These services have been developed to work on 99% of computers, without having to download software or plug-ins

The Limelight Foundation has developed a unique service, which is confidential and available to ALL Australians. Before you begin please read our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

It is no surprise that most people feel foolish and silly speaking with someone about their problems or issues. That is why we have developed online services; you don’t need to be face to face or speak over the phone, you can do it privately and comfortably. Limelight doesn’t pass judgement and is there to listen to you. Whether you may be young, old, depressed, sad, anxious, suicidal, successful or unsuccessful individuals.

Online support: 
Online support is instant and you can chat with someone straight away. If you have the time then we have the time.

Email support:
Email Support is at your leisure and is completed over a couple of days, whenever you have time to reply to the emails.