Getting Help.








Seeking Help

Limelight understands it is not uncommon for people to wonder just when it is necessary to seek help for depression, anxiety, other illness’, or even life troubles, and if they need to at all. 

 Helping others

How can you help someone who is or maybe depressed or have another mental illness? Do you need some tips on how to handle yourself and others when it comes to depression?

Limelight’s there to help

Which you are

Sometimes we hear people casually say, “I’m depressed,” when they relate features such as having had a bad day at work/school or a fight with their friends, spouse or other family member. Typically, these kinds of feelings pass or lessen within a short period of time, but Limelight is there to listen.

In such cases, when we are really not depressed, but we experience normal and temporary feelings of sadness, frustration, and stress. However, we can’t ignore these feelings as they are also important and these normal feelings are different than the more extreme and pervasive feelings associated with clinical depression.

There are people worse off than me…

Feelings can build up inside individuals, festering until they reach a point where no more can be tolerated. Individuals with depression or without depression, have a right to be listened to. Some problems may seem petty, but as we all have our own pain tolerance, we also have a mental tolerance. Some people can put up with more; others find something’s get too much.

Limelight doesn’t pass judgement and is ready to listen to you. You may be young, old, depressed, sad, anxious, suicidal, successful or unsuccessful individuals.

Talking to someone about problems, small or big, is not easy for most individuals. Limelight has put together services which make it easy for people to feel comfortable talking to someone, the services offered include:


 Email Support

Contact Limelight through email this service is available Australia wide and might benefit people that feel more comfortable via e=mail chat instead of face to face or if you don’t feel you have the time.



Share your Story

People keep a lot of problems to themselves, so when you go through a tough time in your life it feels like you are alone and that no one in the world has ever felt like you. Sometimes it helps to know that you are not alone and that people have survived through the ordeal you are experiencing. Read some experiences other Australians want to share with you, or share your own.



Limelight Online Tests


Depression Test

This depression self test can help you determine if you should see a health care professional regarding your feelings. This depression test should only be used as a guideline. It does not replace a formal psychiatric evaluation.



Stress Test

In today’s world we have certain aspects of our lives which play a large part in making us vulnerable to the negative effect of stress. Our lifestyles and environment are the main contributors.





Fun Suggestions

Forgotten how to have a little fun, battling the blues, get out and about. When we are feeling down it is hard to think up ways to enjoy ourselves and have fun. Limelight have put together a couple of ideas to help make that easier.




Practitioners List

Thanks to Beyondblue you can find practitioners in your area that have been recommended. If you don’t know where to seek help or want to see someone that has the resources to help you, visit the lists.




Community Services Search

Thanks to infoxchange, you can search for community services all around Australia, services may range from housing, food services, abuse support, student services, counsellors and many other related services.





Limelight Library

Want to know more about a specific illness or disorder, look through the Limelight Library. Each resource has been referenced though Australian medical information. Thanks to all our references




Article Archive

Everyday in newspapers across the country, there are articles that fall into the category of Limelight’s cause. We have supplied some with the help of Australian Newspapers and journalists.




In-house Support

Contact Limelight via phone and organise to come in to speak to one of our friendly Limelight staff face to face.