Email Support.










Before we begin email support there are a couple of points you must know. Be sure to read the information below.


Instructions and Terms

The Limelight Foundation is dedicated to giving you the support you need. To offer the best possible service, we need you to follow understand and respect the terms of this service.

• If you are not an Australian citizen Limelight members are not able to work with you. You could try other organisations in your country, or search the internet for related services.

• You must have access to an email account. Once you have used Limelight email support, an email is sent to the address you specify; notifying you that it has been received. Limelight members are here for you so they will return an email to you as soon as possible. At present the turn around is about a day.

• Once your email is replied to by a limelight member you will notice that you have the ability to stick with this counselor or use a different one. Please note that specific counselors work load may vary, therefore a response time will vary.

• The first emails will be to establish what you are feeling and what you feel are the issues most affecting you. Your Limelight member will recommend about 5 email sessions, which you can end at any time, however if you wish to continue to make contact with limelight you can do so via online chat. This can be discussed with your limelight member when the time comes.

• If you feel your problem is serious please use our online chat, or you can use our regular email and select the urgent tab. Please do not let your problem get out of hand. You can also use our links to get alternative help.

• Please remember that Limelight Counselors have all completed counseling courses, and that all counseling work is under supervision, you must understand that personally you remain responsible for the choices you make and the actions you take, try and let Limelight guide you.

• That you acknowledge Limelight takes care with all information that is provided to our organisation, security flaws are possible however unlikely. Please be aware that we can’t control viruses and hackers, and can’t accept responsibility for these occurrences.

• Email support we require to know previous consultation notes, support emails will be kept to help us offer you the best service possible through the consultation.


Confidentiality and Duty of Care

Information shared during email support is not shared with any person or organisation outside Limelight. In very rare circumstances this may change, rare including a “Duty of Care” situation.

“Duty of Care” situations are when you tell us that:

•  Someone is hurting you or your gaurdian is not looking after you.
•  You are thinking about seriously doing harm to yourself.
•  You have hurt, or are seriously thinking about hurting someone else.

When this occurs we will ask you personal information so that we can get as much information as needed to help you and others around you from being in harms way. We do this in rare circumstances, and only do so to the extent of your rights.